Car batteries get a boost from a new charging method

Car batteries get a boost from a new charging method

The usage of electric cars is being promoted by several government agencies (EVs). EVs, such as electric automobiles, have attracted a large portion of the public due to their low emissions and low cost of ownership. The problem is that these automobiles have a lot of drawbacks for the general public to deal with. Some of these problems include battery leakage, cracking, and loss of storage capacity. High resistance and high temperatures are commonly used in fast-charging stations for these batteries. This is a major cause of battery deterioration. A new study has found a better technique to extend the life of electric car batteries.

Unusual Charging Method that Utilizes Low Temperatures

Electric car battery degradation can be prevented using a novel approach developed by engineers at the University of California, Riverside (UCR). The study’s authors, Mihri Ozkan and Cengiz Ozkan, are both professors at Istanbul Technical University. This research has produced a flexible charging mechanism. When the battery is charged, this mechanism measures the battery’s internal resistance. As a last precaution, it rests when the internal resistance comes in. “Internal chemical and mechanical degradation, capacity loss, and the high heat for every battery are critical safety hazards,” Mihri Ozkan said when discussing the findings. A Tesla Model 3 currently has 4,416 lithium-ion batteries. In the Tesla Model S, this number rises to roughly 7,104.” In the journal Energy Storage, you may find this research.

“Our innovative adaptive rapid charging methodology lowered capacity fading,” said Cengiz Ozkan. Furthermore, it eliminated the commercial battery cells’ compositional flaws and fractures.” As a consequence, internal resistance charging did not cause any harm and the temperature was significantly lower. According to co-author Bo Dong, this study’s adaptive fast charging method presents a fresh approach to the development of fast charging technology. Because of this, batteries used in electric automobiles would last longer and perform safer thanks to the research.

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