Plant-Based Packaging Is Used in the Rebranding of Vegan Ice Cream

Plant-Based Packaging Is Used in the Rebranding of Vegan Ice Cream

Even before plant-based meals became widely available, Coconut Bliss was making dairy-free ice cream. Products including ice cream cookie sandwiches and pints of ice cream made with coconut milk were introduced by the firm in 2005. The USDA Verified Organic and Non-GMO Project has certified all of these goods as gluten- and vegan-free.

Because of the increasing competition for plant-based, dairy-free customers, the company contemplated changing its usual packaging and branding. Coconut Bliss’ Director of Marketing, Darcey Howard, explained, “We wanted to reassert our competence in the sector with authority for devoted consumers and form’shelf pop’ for other audiences.” This makeover incorporates source indications, flavour cues, and cooking ideas and reproduction of high-quality firm-produced items. Howard stated that Revolution Design Group has taken on responsibility for these elements. This packaging was created to attractively represent all Coconut Bliss products’ first-rate ingredients and delightful, rich flavour.

To make the phrase Coconut Bliss more prominent, Howard said the company kept the old logo’s “signature bindi form,” but simplified the images. A solid gold backdrop has also been used by the company to denote the first-class status of the brand. It was a goal to build a consistent new design that would represent the purpose, passion and flavour of Coconut Bliss, which has made the company a prominent plant-based brand,” Howard explained.

The handcrafted, small-batch high-quality ice cream of Atlanta’s Butter & Cream—a homegrown vendor and bakeshop—recently announced its first-ever significant launch. According to reports, this new flavour lineup contains roughly 11 new handcrafted tastes that are crafted with the freshest spices and the sweetest ingredients.

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