A problem with the server There are no more single-player races for Gran Turismo 7 owners.

A problem with the server There are no more single-player races for Gran Turismo 7 owners.

For more than a day, Gran Turismo 7 owners have been unable to access huge parts of the single-player game because of a longer-than-expected server outage.

However, the planned two-hour server maintenance, which was meant to coincide with Thursday’s release of the version 1.07 patch for the game, has now been extended to three hours. It took the official Gran Turismo Twitter account six hours to make this announcement, nevertheless “We’re extending the Server Maintenance window to accommodate a fix for a bug in Update 1.07. If and when this is likely to be done, we will make sure to let everyone know as soon as possible. We are sorry for any trouble this may have caused, and we ask for your patience while we try to fix it.”

In the early hours of Friday morning, the server outage had already lasted more than 32 hours as of this writing. Despite the release of a 1.08 patch, the game’s servers remain unavailable.

Single-player content will be available for several titles while developers worked on multiplayer server difficulties. The great part of Gran Turismo 7’s single-player game is also unavailable during the server outage. Only the Music Rally and World Circuit modes, as well as unlocked single races versus the AI, may be played offline. All of the game’s single-player content, including licencing events, hot laps, objectives, and even car personalization, is totally unavailable.

An anti-cheating feature is what Polyphony Digital’s Kazunori Yamauchi told Ars during a preview event about the permanent internet connection. GT7’s makers must have taken this into consideration because, as Jonathan Gitlin noted in his review, “GT7 will attempt to lure you to open your actual wallet a bit more frequently than you may prefer to buy in-game credits.”

As Sam Machkovech said in a comment to that article, “there’s a decent bit of the campaign that has no substantial tie to internet connectivity, and… the fact that this stuff doesn’t work when servers go down is infuriating and disrespectful.”

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