Windows 11 beta releases have hidden File Explorer tabs

Windows 11 beta releases have hidden File Explorer tabs

According to pictures provided by developer Rafael Rivera, Microsoft is currently developing a tabbed layout for the Windows 11 File Explorer interface. However, XDA Developers has written a guide on how to enable the interface if you’re using the newest Insider Preview build for the Dev channel and don’t want to change any hidden settings. The procedure entails downloading ViveTool, a software that has previously been used to unearth additional capabilities that are there but have been concealed in Windows preview releases.

File Explorer tabs in Windows 10 were briefly evaluated by Microsoft, but the functionality was never included in the final version of the operating system that was released to the public. In a future Windows 11 Insider release, we’d anticipate the tabbed File Explorer interface to be fully launched and activated in the same way that we saw the new Task Manager and a few of other UI improvements that were found before they were publicly revealed.

Several additional less-obscure Windows features have been added to insiders’ releases during the past week, including improvements to the Android Subsystem for Windows’ scrolling performance and a few other capabilities. All Windows 11 Home installations will contain a Microsoft Family programme, which will allow you to manage your children’s access to the computer. The print queue has been given a makeover in the manner of Windows 11, which is another another indication of how far Microsoft is digging into the operating system in order to make it seem more cohesive and uniform. Furthermore, the web-based Clipchamp video editor has been included in the default Windows 11 installation (though its best features, including higher-than-480p video exporting, are still gated behind an expensive subscription).

Individuals and companies will benefit from certain upcoming improvements to Windows Search, according to Microsoft. It is unclear whether or not users will be able to turn off any of this information if they do not want to view it, but new “search highlights” will begin drawing in date- and location-aware photos and information, as well as information on popular searches. Search highlights “will display the most recent changes from your company as well as suggested persons, files, and other resources” for PCs that are signed into a work or school Microsoft account.

We’ve been covering a lot of Windows 11 Insider updates lately, and the majority of them are beneficial, since they solve some of the OS’s existing weaknesses. Making Windows appear and feel more like a unified operating system, rather than a jumbled-up mishmash, is an admirable ambition. In contrast, a paid subscription-based video editor and even more uninvited suggestions for additional material in key places of the user interface serve little use. While it’s a microcosm of the general state of Windows and Edge right now, accepting Bing- and MSN-powered features such as Widgets and shopping suggestions, which are meant to be helpful but often end up getting in the way, is a necessary condition for getting smart, functional changes such as touchscreen improvements and better window management.

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