Boat Market Size and Share to Witness a Pronounce Growth During 2028

Boat Market

Report Overview:

Some of the main things that are making the market grow faster are the rise in people’s disposable income and the growth of the tourism industry in emerging economies like Brazil and China. Also, more and more people around the world are taking part in recreational and competitive boating, which is expected to help the market grow. Also, improvements in technology that make connected boats possible and popular are expected to drive market growth over the next few years. On the market, you can find people who make boats, engines, independent dealers, service providers, and equipment.

The market is expected to grow steadily over the next few years because of a number of factors, such as the large number of investments made and the research done by the major players in the market to develop and improve their portfolios. Manufacturers are also putting a lot of effort into making boats with modern layouts to attract customers, especially those in the Gen-Z age group. In the coming years, the market is also expected to grow because customers are becoming more aware of the benefits of putting technology into traditional boats. Advanced technologies like IoT, AI, and smart sensors are being built into boats more and more. These technologies give users features like GPS tracking, automatic controls, and smart connections. The use of these technologies also helps boat owners make their boats safer and more secure, which makes them more likely to surf in deep water.

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Tourists are becoming more interested in boating for fun because there are more boating events and trade shows happening in different parts of the world. Coastal and marine tourism are growing, which is bringing more and more people from all over Europe and North America. Also, countries in the Asia-Pacific region like China and Australia are seeing new growth opportunities in the market because the average income per person is going up in these countries. Japan, China, and Australia are becoming more interested in boating for fun, which is helping the regional market grow even more.

The growth of the market has been helped by the steps that governments in different countries have taken to develop marine tourism. In the coming years, the tourism industry is likely to benefit from things like putting more money into the industry, building better infrastructure, and changing the rules. Outboard boats and yachts are used by boaters all over the world for personal boating, and this trend is likely to continue in the coming years.

International travel has been stopped completely because of COVID-19, which has hurt the tourism industry around the world. During the first two quarters of 2020, several factories closed and there was a shortage of workers, which messed up the whole supply chain. The COVID-19 also had an effect on exports and imports, which led to a lack of equipment and parts needed to build boats. This meant that new customers had to wait for a long time because manufacturers had to focus on getting products to customers who already had orders. Along with the sales of boats, services also brought in less money because small third-party vendors had to close up shop because of the financial crisis caused by lockdown rules. But the slow process of reopening the economies and the long-term restrictions on people’s movement have made people want to do fun things. So, the market is expected to slowly get better over the next few years.

Global Boat Market Competitive Landscape:

The “Global Boat Market” study report will give useful information, with a focus on the global market and some of the major players like Bombardier Recreational Product Inc., Groupe Beneteau, Brunswick Corporation, Malibu Boats Inc., Marine Products Corporation, and Others.

Our market analysis also has a section just for these big players. In this section, our analysts give an overview of the financial statements of all the big players, as well as a comparison of their products and a SWOT analysis.

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