Maryland became the first state to implement a transition from gas station to charging station

Maryland became the first state to implement a transition from gas station to charging station

Electric vehicles are causing a ruckus in the automobile industry. The next big thing to shake up the industry will be electric vehicle charging stations.

Depeswar Doley, of Takoma Park, Maryland, had made the shift from operating a petrol station to operating an electric charging station. As the first to make the move from a gasoline station to an EV charging station, he is considered a pioneer.

Doley has transformed his RS Automotive petrol station into a charging station for his electric vehicle fleet. This is the first gas station to go through a complete transformation. Since 1958, the petrol station has been in Maryland’s downtown area.

Maryland has over 20,700 electric vehicles registered, but there aren’t enough charging stations. Maryland also has a thriving electric taxi industry, which has boosted the need for charging stations in the state.

Doley recognises that a total overhaul may not be lucrative right away, but he is determined to see it through. He claims that it was his daughter who persuaded him to take the leap of faith in this case. She had informed him of the dangers posed by automobile emissions and the worsening state of the environment.

“This adjustment is being made for a good reason, not to nickel and dime people,” Doley explains. He intends to set an example for others by bringing charging stations within the building.

The charging station is equipped with a high-capacity, 200-kilowatt four-distributor system. This facilitates the rapid recharging of automobiles. When four electric vehicles (EVs) are charging at the same time, it takes only 20 to 30 minutes for the batteries to get an 80 percent charge.

Oil and gas corporations have started restricting the number of suppliers they may use. Contracts are not renewed if sales volume does not meet predetermined levels. When asked about the difficulties he has encountered, Doley replies, “Maintenance support is also affected.”

It took him two years to convert his petrol station, which was made possible by financing from the Electric Vehicle Institute and the Maryland Energy Administration.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan is pleased that his state has emerged as a national leader in the development of clean and renewable energy sources. We are the first to advocate for electric infrastructure for electric vehicles.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has installed 1,600 charging stations throughout the country for his company’s car customers to use.

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